Elektrické pece Svoboda

V Zahradách 170 25101 Světice u Říčan, fax.: 323 605 489, e-mail: elpece@email.cz, Václav Svoboda - mobil: 603 712 014, e-mail: vpece@email.cz, Zdeněk Svoboda - mobil: 603 415 392, e-mail: zspece@volny.cz

V Zahradách 170 25101 Světice u Říčan
e-mail: elpece@email.cz

Zdeněk Svoboda
mobil: 603 415 392
e-mail: zspece@volny.cz

Václav Svoboda
mobil: 603 712 014
e-mail: vpece@email.cz

- laboratory furnaces - furnaces with the circulating atmosphere - chamber furnaces - crucible furnaces - continuous furnaces - car-hearth furnaces - dilatometers - vacuum furnaces - malleableizing and heating furnaces - questionnaire

elpeceCompany Elektrické pece Svoboda was established in the year 1932. In the fiftieth it was nationalized and part of the company was transferred to the national enterprise Tesla Elstroj. Here this team realized furnaces especially for the electrotechnical, glass and ceramic industries. We again opened the private company in 1990 and we began with the production of the baker’s furnaces.

Gradually the program was enlarged to laboratory furnaces, furnaces with the circulation atmosphere and different kinds of the special furnaces, e.g. with the protection atmosphere of hydrogen, nitrogen and argon. It means that founders of our company and we continuously pursued to the heat treatment from the year 1932. Nowadays our biggest customers are companies in the field of the laboratory furnaces – Fisher Scientific, Merck and Interdent.

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