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V Zahradách 170 25101 Světice u Říčan
e-mail: elpece@email.cz

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Václav Svoboda
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Furnaces with the circulating atmosphere – driers

Heating – heating bars with the casing from material W.-Nr. 1.4845. Fibrous insulation (ceramic), fibrous insulation (bio-fiber). Internal parts of the furnace from anticorrosive material, external casing from the anticorrosive material or from the steel class 11, with the spraying by powder colour. Programmable regulator CERAMIC or manual regulator PD-2.

  1. guarantee to the non-worn-out parts 24 months

Furnaces are determined for the drying or preheating of the material. Speech is about the box construction of the furnace with the circulating atmosphere. On the head of the furnace the insulated door are placed equipped by the door flap. Space of the furnace is fitted by the shelf support. Sides of the internal chamber are created by the air channels, in which the heating baskets are placed. On the rear side of the furnace one or several ventilators with the engine are placed. On the bottom and on the ceiling of the furnace the ventilation flaps are placed controlled automatically or manually.

Furnace ventilators suck the air from the furnace space and through the heating baskets placed in the side channels it is returned back to the furnace space.

Temperature is sensed by one or several thermocouples of the type “N”, which are place in the stainless steel capillaries on the rear wall of furnace.

022ZP 019ZP


T max


Internal dimensions
w x h x d

External dimensions
w x h x d






550 x 1000 x 300

800 x 1300 x 650






800 x 1730 x 1100

1200 x 2250 x 2100



We adapt the dimensions, temperature, input and layout of the internal space and ventilation of the furnace to the requirements of the customer.

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