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V Zahradách 170 25101 Světice u Říčan
e-mail: elpece@email.cz

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Dilatometer is the equipment, which serves to the determination of the extension of the calibrated glass bar at the heating to the pre-set temperature. This equipment is composed from the electric resistance bar furnace with the analogue regulator equipped by the additional thermal sensor placed in the side opening of the heating pipe and from the travel table, on which the bar from the silica glass fitted in the adjustable support. Silica bar is sealed on the end inserted to the furnace and 50 mm from its end the opening with the diameter 10 mm is cut to its side. On the cold end of the silica bar is placed the digital drift meter in the adjustable clip. On the rear side of the table the leg is placed, on which the box with the regulator and digital sensor of the temperature is placed, connected to the additional thermal sensor. On the head panel of the box also the main switch is placed.

Principle of the measuring consisting that to the silica bar we insert the calibrated glass bar the dilatation features of which we will measure. We pin down the bar by the silica shank up to end of the pipe. We prop the tip of the drift meter to the grinded end of the silica shank, which stick out from the silica pipe. The travel table with the pipe we insert to the furnace and we start the heating of the furnace. Prolongation of the glass bar by the influence of the heating we subtract on the drift meter. Superficial temperature of the measured bar is sensed by the inserted side thermocouple, which touches the bar. Under the lower cover of the furnace the output element of the heating system is placed.

Parameters of the equipment

voltage system 230 V ~, 50 Hz
nominal heating input 1,3 kW
nominal temperature 1050 °C
environment basic, according to the CSN 33 0300
protection before the injury by electric current according to the CSN 33 2000-4-41
covering IP 20
weight of the equipment  68 Kg
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